The promotional products industry has come a long way in the hundred years or so since an entrepreneurial peddler decided to ‘brand’ the clothes pegs he was selling.

In an industry that’s worth millions in this country, it’s experience that counts. And while Core Products may seem like a relative newcomer, we have experience across every aspect of the industry. We understand it’s not just about the number of products we can supply but also about having the products the market demands and keeping the range fresh and exciting.

More importantly, we offer a complete solution; not just supplying a wide range of products, from cost-effective giveaways to exclusive, high-quality corporate gifts, but also providing complete printing and branding services from our in-house team of professional printers, all of whom are skilled in the use of the latest technologies.

Every aspect of the process happens under the one roof. It’s all about teamwork - why settle for anything less?


Core Promotional products are a wholesaler of promotional goods but you can purchase our products with confidence from our network of distributors. Simply ask your promotional products supplier about our range and catalogue, and always specify that you want Core Promotional Products when you order.



On 25 May 2016, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published a set of guidelines to help businesses in navigating the new lead restriction provisions found in Commission Regulation 2015/628.

In brief, the regulation prohibits lead and its compounds from being placed on the market or used in items supplied to the general public. An item or part of an item is banned when it meets three conditions: 

(1) it is supplied to the general public and contains lead or lead compounds at concentrations of lead, expressed as metal, equal to or greater than 0.05% by weight; 
(2) it may be placed in the mouth by small children during normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use; and 
(3) it is not covered under the list of stated exemptions.


To the best of our knowledge all Core Products stock and out printing contains no traces of lead. 


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