Common Myths about Signage and Branding

You can differentiate your business from the competition by having a creative, branded, and compelling sign because it will help you to solidify your brand identity. However, some myths are spreading around regarding signage and branding. Below are a few of those myths, which we are going to debunk.

Less Is More

Less is more is not a principle that always applies to all businesses. Your business is what should dictate the design plan of your signage. The design plan for your business should include a detailed needs analysis to help evaluate and establish an effective means of directing and informing visitors throughout a facility.

Branding Is an Art and Not a Science

The truth is that branding is both an art and a science. Having a unique blend of the two is what will help your company to create a smart, imaginative, and impactful branding and signage. Using programming, for example, can help you to map out the right steps to follow when installing cost-effective signage, factoring in everything from budgeting to fabrication.

Signage Companies Are Not Branding Experts

That is not necessarily true as a signage company can have the best branding services. That means you do not have to go through the tiresome process of determining the best company to hire for branding if you are already working with a signage company. That makes everything a lot easier to manage, which increases efficiency.

More Words Make the Signage Better

The number of words does not necessarily make the signage better. Ideally, signage is not the right place to be verbose. You should include some keywords related to benefits and features using the most precise words possible. You should put more focus on the visual graphics as opposed to the number of words. Leverage imagery as much as you can to tell a story, with quality being a priority.