Top Printing Services for Businesses

There are numerous types of professional printing services. The specific needs and goals of your business are what will determine the type of service to order. Some of the top printing services are highlighted below.

Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is commonly used for media that have rough surfaces such as canvas and wood. However, its versatility makes it possible to use it on books and paper. It is among the most popular services for mass-production printing. The process involves printing plates that hold the image to be printed. The plates are then offset onto rubber blankets or rollers and then onto the print media.


Flexography is commonly used for labels, packaging, and anything that has a continuous pattern. It is also a common choice when it comes to printing on uneven surfaces. Flexography uses quick-drying semi-liquid inks, which makes it convenient for high volume printing. Printing is achieved by wrapping flexible photopolymer plates around rotating cylinders, which transfers the print images to the media.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a popular choice for signage, posters, newsletters, labels, and menus, among others. It is a rather modern method that makes use of a variety of techniques, including laser and inkjet printing. The images are sent to the printer directly in a digital format, including PDFs, eliminating the need to use printing plates. It is considerably cheaper compared to other methods if you are not printing large volumes.

Large Format

Large format printing is often used for large signage like that used in posters, billboards, wallpapers, floor graphics, and vinyl banners. Large Format is used for printing maximum print roll width. It comes in handy for printing advertising mediums. It uses rolls of print, which are fed incrementally to be printed on one large sheet. Large Format can be used to produce flat prints that can either be folded, hung on walls, or made to stand freely.