Top Branded Corporate Gift Ideas for Online Casino Companies

There are many benefits of offering branded gifts for pokies developers and online casinos. You can consider it as a way of advertisement and getting players to gain confidence in the online casinos based on reputation. You have to choose the branded gifts to offer quite carefully, as they may determine the impact that they will have on both existing and potential clients. A few branded corporate gift ideas that you can consider are highlighted below.

T-Shirts or Jerseys

T-shirts and jerseys are a great idea, yet not too expensive. That is more of the case if the t-shirts are of high quality. If you offer quality to online pokies, it will increase their the probability of whoever receives them wearing them in public. Given that the t-shirts are branded, the number of people that will see the printing will familiarise themselves with your brand. T-shirts and jerseys are also generally popular gifts that everyone appreciates.

Chocolate Poker Chips

Chocolate poker chips are a great and innovative idea, which will leave all the recipients happy and yearning for more. The chocolates are the size and shape of the casino chips, which means that they are not quite expensive. With such, you can also present more than one chocolate chip to one person or offer them based on the chip value.

Customised Playing Cards

Some of the most popular casino games are card games. That makes it quite thoughtful to present customised playing cards to the individuals to whom you want to offer the branded corporate gifts. Customisation allows you to capture the interest of individuals and showcase more of the pros of your business as well.


You can also choose to offer branded pens as gifts from your casino business. Casino players usually use pens to make various calculations as they play, which means that the pen you offer them will be functional and will always remind them of your brand.